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Oversight of Court Cases Related to Organized Crime and Corruption (2012-2013)

Period of implementation: September 2012 – August 2013

Goal of the Project:

The Oversight of Court Cases related to Organized Crime and Corruption project will monitor a number of cases conducted in front of the Primary Court Skopje I, Department for Organized Crime and Corruption. Through direct monitoring by qualified and independent observers, we will obtain statistical data about different criminal procedures which will be used as the basis the final report. The final report will present conclusions about the effectiveness of the responsible authorities in the fight against corruption and respect for the human rights and freedom as guaranteed by the Constitution and laws. According to the Coalition’s experience, reports which are produced through direct research are used as a serious tool by the professional public (judges and public prosecutors). Recommendations provided through the reports may lead to changes in the criminal procedure in the future. The reports will also serve as an additional tool through which the accused can publicize breaches of their human rights. The wider public will get an opportunity to see a comprehensive report on the work of the Department for Organized Crime and Corruption within Primary Court Skopje I, which will increase the level of the court’s transparency.

The overall objective of the project is:

  • To strengthen the independence, efficiency and impartiality of the Macedonian judiciary. An independent and accountable judiciary will enable Macedonia to better fight against organized crime and corruption, and to contribute towards EU integration;
  • To expand public knowledge by assessing judicial efficiency through monitoring the implementation of the legislative reforms and publicly disseminating the assessment results;
  • To improve the utilization of available criminal justice data by specifying which cases target corruption and organized crime in particular;
  • To determine the level of respect for fair trial standards and
  • To encourage civic engagement in Macedonia’s judiciary and the justice system through strategic uses of media to inform and mobilize citizens.

Project activities:

  • Oversight of 40 court cases dealing with corruption and organised crime;
  • Publication of an analytical report in Macedonian, Albanian and English, evaluating the criminal justice response to corruption and organised crime and the implementation of legislative reforms;
  • PR activities during the project’s implementation (e.g. Press releases, Coalition web page and facebook, Newsletter etc) and
  • Press conference for public dissemination of the project’s results.


Goce Sitnikoski – Project Coordinator
e-mail: gsitnikoski@all4fairtrials.org.mk
Tel: +389 2 6139874


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