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“Monitoring of court cases in the field of organized crime and corruption”

In the next period of four mounts the Coalition “All for fair trials” will be implementing the project “Monitoring of court cases in the field of organized crime and corruption” with the financial support of “Open society Macedonia” which is a complementary work of these two organizations in the field of monitoring court cases.

Duration: October 2018 – January 2019

The realization of this project is based on monitoring high profile cases in the field of organized crime and corruption. Throughout this monitoring we are enabling the work and we gather statistical data for better implementation of the criminal law procedure in the criminal cases related to organized crime and corruption.

Project goals:

  • Evaluation of the court’s efficiency for the new criminal procedural law implementation
  • Judgement for the criminal law and its answer for the fight against organized crime and corruption
  • Establish an early warning system for deficiencies in the application of the new criminal procedural law
  • Assess the degree of compliance with fair trial standards

Target groups:

  • Judges, Basic criminal court Skopje 1, Supreme Court, Judicial Council
  • Public prosecutors, Public Prosecutor’s Office for Prosecuting Criminal Offences Related to and Arising from the Content of the Illegally Intercepted Communication, Basic public prosecutor’s office and Basic public prosecutor’s office for prosecuting organized crime and corruption
  • Lawyers, accused, damaged party
  • Media, expert public, general public
  • University professors, the academy of judges and prosecutors

Expected results:

  • Preparing briefs for 3 mounts
  • Monitoring of at least 180 court hearings connected to organized crime and corruption
  • Acquaint the expert and the general public with the level of compliance in the procedural rules and principles for a fair trial
  • Final report reviewing the efficiency of the court in dealing with highly profiled cases