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Monitoring of court cases for crimes related to trafficking and illegal migration 2010

Period of implementation: January, 2011 – August, 2011

Main objectives

Noting changes from the previous monitoring of court cases for crimes related to trafficking and illegal migration as well as monitoring the implementation of new mechanisms in order to more successful fight against organized crime. Proposing measures to improve judicial handling of cases related to trafficking and providing support for finding an adequate response as a punishment of committing such crimes.

Raising the awareness of the professional and general public in the fight against this type of organized crime by holding a press conference, drafting the final analysis with statistics and recommendations on the effectiveness of court and other competent institutions to deal with this phenomenon.

Project Activities

  • The project aims will be achieved through the following activities:
    Main instrument for the planned observations will be the questionnaire that covers all relevant areas of litigation. The questionnaire contains 60 questions which are closely related to judicial proceedings and will be completed after each session executed by the observer. Coalition All for Fair Trials has a team of experienced observers (20 observers), who have been monitoring in the courts all over the Republic. The monitoring will be carried through all the courts where cases have been reported for above-mentioned crimes. The monitoring will be implemented throughout the project cycle smoothly.
  • The envisaged workshop is planned to be organized as before in collaboration with the Academy for Training of Judges and Prosecutors. The theme, its processing and preparation of the content of the workshop are carried out by the Coalition while the Academy is responsible for the logistical preparation, space and inviting listeners – judges, prosecutors and associates. After the completion of the workshop, brief report will be prepared . Evaluation forms will be given to the listeners in order to assess the quality of the workshop.
  • The legal analysis will be prepared by the Project Coordinator (Law degree), who based on observational data collected and summarized results of the workshops will be asked to write the analysis, conclusions and derive recommendations for improving judicial efficiency in the fight against organized crime with particular reference to human trafficking and illegal migration.
  • The legal analysis will be published on the official website of the Coalition All for Fair Trials www.all4fairtrials.org.mk


Mihail Gotovski – Project Coordinator


  • Government of the Republic of Macedonia