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Joint action to monitor judicial reforms and advocate for their implementation – “FOR JUSTICE”

The project “FOR JUSTICE” is financially supported by the Foundation Open Society – Macedonia, and enabled by the Helsinki Committee for Human Rights of the Republic of Macedonia in partnership with the Coalition “All for Fair Trials”, the Macedonian Young Lawyers Association, the Institute for Human Rights, Citizens’ Association – Institute for European Policy and center for Legal Research and Analysis, based in Skopje.
Duration of the project:
12 months, starting from 1st of July 2018 until 1st of July 2019
With the strategic planning we hope to achieve increased influence in the civil society organizations on the process of implementing the Strategy for the reform of the justice sector (2017-2022) and strengthening the independence and impartiality of the judiciary.
The specific and decisive goals follow the implementation of the Strategy with respect of the time frame determined in the action plan, the transparency of the process, the level of involvement of the stakeholders in the civil sector; evaluation of the quality in the proposed laws and policies relating to the Judicial Council, the Public Prosecutors Council and the Special Public Prosecutor’s Office.
We also want to influence the process of judicial reform throughout the preparation and submission of evidence-based recommendations for proposed laws, policies and advancement in a public debate that strengthens transparency.
Target groups:
• Direct groups are policy makers, ex. ( the Government of the Republic of Macedonia, the Ministry of Justice, the Parliament of the Republic of Macedonia), the Council for Monitoring Judicial Reforms, the Judicial Council of the Republic of Macedonia, the Assembly of Public Prosecutors and the Special Public Prosecution Office.
• Indirect groups are the citizens of the country, Republic of Macedonia
The project and its operational goal is constructed with both main and secondary activities. They prepare the staff for efficient work, while the expectations on a long-term basis are increasing the involvement of the civil society organisations in the process of implementing these reforms in the judiciary. We hope to impact this relevant institutions in a degree that will lead to considerable accountability, especially from the decision-makers who need to be in a role of service for the citizens in terms of protection, depoliticization and improvement of the professionalism, transparency and independence of the judicial authorities. The long-term plan and goal is to restore the confidence in the judiciary and improve the quality of life by bringing the country closer to EU membership.