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Natali Petrovska
Executive Director

Natali Petrovska is executive director of the Coalition All for Fair Trials since 2017. She works as a lawyer since 2008 from witch she becomes long-standing legal adviser and a specialized observer in many of the court cases observed by the Coalition “All for Fair Trials”. Natalie has extensive experience in providing free legal aid and counseling, interpretation of various laws and regulations, representation before competent courts and administrative bodies, as well as the European Court for Human Rights. Her specialty is criminal law.

email: npetrovska@all4fairtrials.org.mk

Daniel Mitkovski
Finance and administration manager

Daniel Mitkovski is the administration and finance manager in the Coalition “All for Fair Trials” since 2006. His 12 years of professional experience in the NGO sector in the areas of financial management, administration, design, management of networks and databases contributes to the development of the organization in this area. His key responsibilities include planning and managing budgets, conducting various kinds of administrative tasks as well as providing consulting in the field of databases.


Darko Avramovski
Project coordinator

Darko Avramovski is a member of the National Office of the Coalition “All for Fair Trials” from February 2016 as a project assistant. Despite the efforts for a fair trial, he works on education of young people (high school and college students) as a coach in debating skills, and as a lecturer in “Street Law” program, designed to introduce to the young the basics of state and law, legal culture , civil and human rights and obligations and to protect them. During his undergraduate education as a scholar of CMEPIUS he spent two years at the Faculty of Law, University of Ljubljana, and after graduation he enrolled into postgraduate studies in Criminal Matters Law at the Law Faculty “Justinian I” in Skopje.

email: davramovski@all4fairtrials.org.mk

Elena Nakovska
Project coordinator

Elena Nakovska is a graduated lawyer who has passed the bar exam. She gained her experience in the judiciary in a law office where she has performed her internship. Her practical engagement in the Coalition began in 2014. as a specialized observer in criminal proceedings, and since 2017. she is actively involved in the work of the executive office as a project assistant.

email: enakovska@all4fair trials.org.mk

Ivana Petkovska
Project assistant

Ivana Petkovska is a Master of Law in the field of Financial Law. Her involvement in the Coalition’s work dates back to 2017 as a trial monitor and becomes a member of the executive office of the Coalition “All for Fair Trials” in January 2018. Ivana is a lecturer-trainer of the “Learning Law” program from the “Youth Educational Forum” for high school students through which the young people are introduced to human rights, democracy and the legal system of the Republic of Macedonia.

email: ipetkovska@all4fairtrials.org.mk

Tamara Dimitrovska
Project assistant

Tamara Dimitrovska is a Master of Criminal law. Her involvement in the Coalition’s work dates back to 2017 as a trial monitor and becomes a member of the executive office of the Coalition “All for Fair Trials” in July 2018. She was an intern in the International Criminal Court as a member of the Information and Evidence Unit

email: tdimitrovska@all4fairtrials.org.mk

Lejla Tutic
Project coordinator
Лејла Тутиќ е дипломиран правник а воедно и студент на постдипломски студии од областа на казненото материјално право на Правниот факултет “ Јустинијан Први” во Скопје . Член на тимот на извршната канцеларија на Коалицијата Сите за правично судење е од 01.01.2019 година а како набљудувач ангажирана е од октомври 2018 година. Дополнително ангажирана е во Младински Образовен Форум во својство на предавач на програмата Учиме право ( Street Law ) од 2015 година, која што програма е наменета за средношколци и насочена кон нивна едукација за човековите, граѓански и политички слободи и права, демократијата и концептот на владеење на правото, Европската унија и процесот на евроинтеграција на Република Македонија.

email: ltutic@all4fairtrials.org.mk